Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tea Party Invitation (with English subtitles)


Maybe it’s because I’m growing old, or maybe it’s because I’m working too hard…
But I’m always really, really tired.
I’ve been avoiding nightclubs for a long time now, specifically the chaotic ones.
In Rome, my home town, it’s hard to have fun or find anything open before midnight.

“Yeah, OK, I think I’ll come… but I don’t want to be home too late.”
“OK, like, what time?”
“I dunno, 1AM?”
“Ugh, fine.”

There are a lot of happy hours around town, but even that’s difficult to plan.
Everybody eats and gets off work at different hours, and, to be honest,
it’s really boring if you don’t drink and you’ve already eaten dinner.

It makes me almost miss Paris, where most of the clubs close at 2AM…
To avoid having no social life entirely I usually try to meet up with my closest friends for dinner, or tea, or coffee.
But when everybody is working so hard,
it’s difficult to find the time to get together.

So, I thought of extending the offer of a “tea party” solution to a whole group
of friends, even if they’ve never met one another before.


And here I am on Saturday, March 12th, standing in front of “Boca di Dama,”
a tearoom in the San Lorenzo quarter of Rome.
At first I was afraid of being stood-up, but after a few nervous moments,
some people started to arrive:
Flavia, Gabri, Fede and Michi.

It was really nice and relaxing and we got the chance to chat for quite a while.
The experiment was a success!

The formula is old, but very simple. All it takes is:
-A couple of hours on the weekend
-Friends (it’s even better if they don’t know each other)
-Tea and sweets (it doesn’t even matter if it’s at a tea room or at somebody’s house)
Maybe someday these types of tea parties will be super popular and cool!

There could be even bigger tearooms to match the size of the party,
with live acoustic shows or art exhibitions.


(Teiera Autoproduzioni did something similar during the BilBOLBul Festival
which paired the exhibition of panels from the “foto di gruppo” book
with an afternoon tea party!)
The mission statement: “Let’s modernize the 5PM tea party in Italy!”

(huge thanks to Pl Cothran!)


  1. al prossimo tea party vengo, vengooooo!! un bacino tesoro. :*

  2. Sììì!!!
    ahah de sto passo Danielì,
    chissà quando sarà :\!!!
    Spero riusciremo a sincronizzare i nostri microspazi liberi presto!!!

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